Sandra Kahale

Sandra Kahale

Content Creator / Writer

These days, everyone is suffering from information overload.

Clear, concise, informative copy is like a breath of fresh air, delivering the information your readers want in a way they can understand and act on.

OnWordConsulting-SandraKahaleFrom web content to policy, white papers, and training materials, OnWord hones in on what’s essential and develops smart, simple materials – written in your own voice – that really serve your audiences.

Working with clients from small business to government and not-for-profits, we focus on crafting informative, readable, engaging content that your readers can easily understand and act on.

Sandra Kahale uses language to inspire, inform, and impassion.

Clarity is her passion.  With her purposeful approach, Sandra helps clients articulate their unique message in ways that connect with and compel their audiences.

When she’s not writing, Sandra teaches Online Communications and Writing for the Web across Ontario and around the world.